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Why does 4.0B allow duplicate TID processing?

We are posting IDocs to an SAP 4.0B box from a Windows server using an IDoc posting process written in VB which uses the RFC API. Due to a database issue on our server, the same IDoc posted multiple times using the same transaction identifier (TID). All the duplicate IDocs are processed successfully even though they are posted w/duplicate TIDs.

Our understanding of TID processing is that an IDoc posted with an identical TID will be discarded. This is NOT what we are experiencing against the R/3 4.0B box. Against a 4.6b box however, we are unable to recreate this scenario. Duplicate TIDs are discarded.

Why does 4.0B allow duplicate TID processing?

I have never observed such a behavior on 4.0B. However, I found a number of OSS SAP notes that indirectly address this issue. They all point to a several fixes in the SAP kernel. So, my guess would be to update the latest SAP path level for your release. If this does not help, I think you should open an OSS issue for this.

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