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Why do shopping carts seem to disappear from our SRM system?

Troubleshoot an issue with shopping carts that cannot be found in the system by taking advice in this expert tip from SRM guru Sachin Sethi.

One issue that has bugged me for some time is that shopping carts tend to disappear from our SRM system. A user creates the cart, gets a shopping cart number, and has it approved. But when they go back through Order Status, it cannot be found.

I go through the shopping cart monitor and it cannot be found. I even check BBP_PD and it is nowhere. What causes...

a shopping cart to disappear from the system? I don't know if I need to check for buffers or for something else.

Hi Monique,

I'm not entirely sure why you're experiencing this problem. However, I often see users searching for shopping carts in the Order Status transaction results who fail to check for carts that have already been completed. This is due simply to oversight. I'm not sure what release of SRM you are using, but in SRM 4.0 onwards, the Check Status transaction contains the "Extended Search" link. > Then select the "Including Complete Shopping carts" check box. > Start.

This should return results on shopping carts that have completed the overall procure-to-pay process. Hope this helps.

Regards, Sachin Sethi

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