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Why can't sales contracts for quantities be combined with service contracts in mySAP CRM?

Describes differences between sales contract objects and service contract objects in SAP CRM and SAP R/3.

Why is it that sales contracts for quantities cannot be combined with service contracts in mySAP CRM? I have worked as an SAP business consultant since 1997 and I am currently participating in the blueprint phase for an SAP CRM 5.0 project.
Sales contract objects and service contract objects are designed to provide technically different functionality. See the differences below.

1) Service contracts are integrated with the backend system via a controlling object. Meaning, an internal order is created with reference to the service contract for carrying revenue recognition and profitability analysis in the backend ERP system. There is no replication of the service contract to the backend. Also, it is impossible to replicate service orders created in CRM to R/3.
2) Existing R/3 sales contracts can be downloaded from R/3 into CRM, but not vice versa. Sales orders created with reference to CRM contracts can be uploaded to R/3 backend system. For the above technical reasons it is not possible to combine sales and service contracts.

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