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Why can't I create users in this one, specific client?

I've logged in as an administrator to an SAP R/3 system 4.70 * 200 (sandbox system) with SAP_ALL profile, but when I run transaction SU)! to create users, the create new icon on the application toolbar is missing. I cannot even change an already-existing users' data. This doesn't happen with other clients -- only client number 100. All other clients in that system are working properly. Urgent help would be appreciated.
It looks like you are using Central User Administration (CUA) for this client. It is standard behavior that the "create" and "modify" buttons are disabled in the CUA clients, as user master data should be maintained in the CUA master system only.

You will need to delete the CUA configuration, if this system was copied from an environment in which CUA was used. The procedure is explained in detail in the Central User Administration section in the SAP help portal.

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