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Who is responsible for my serialization?

An IDoc is coming in via a Trfc port from Gentran and something called datamanager. The serial field on the control record has '00000000001' in it. Where is this value coming from?

This is a little different than normal IDoc debugging. I have an IDoc coming in via a Trfc port from Gentran and something called datamanager. The serial field on the control record has '00000000001' in it. I need to find out if SAP or Gentran is putting this value in there.

It always comes in as '00000000001'. I have asked the Gentran folks to shut down Datamanger and right after the...

mapping tell me what is in there, if it's blank, then I am trying to determine since the port is an Trfc port if datamanger calls "IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCH", if datamanger is calling this RFC, then somewhere in there it must be putting '000000001' in the serial filed of the control record.

I need a way to debug this. I guess I could use se37 and fill out the tables manually then debug it that way. I was hoping you might have some ideas. Any suggestions?

Let us assume that you have a non-manipulated SAP system. In that case the IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS will insert the IDoc "as is" into the table EDID4. The only difference will be that the function updates the document number EDID4-DOCNUM.

So to check who is responsible for the serialization data, you may simple set the partner profile for the transaction to "BATCH PROCESSING" (WE20) so that the IDoc will not be processed automatically. When you received the IDoc check it with WE02.

To do a more specific debugging of it, you can replicate the IDoc with WE19, clear the serial field and then process it via "standard input".

Alternatively, you can try to import the IDoc from file. Get the IDoc from Gentran as an ASCII file and call IDOC_INBOUND_FROM_FILE. (report: RSEINB00)

This was last published in April 2005

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