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White space errors in ABAP editor

Lengthy SELECT SINGLE statements result in white space errors. Could the ABAP editor be to blame?

I am a BW developer with an ABAP editor question. When I write lengthy SELECT SINGLE ... statements, I am constantly bugged with white space errors from the ABAP Editor. Is there a method I can use that would:

(a) Line up all of my required fields and be syntactically correct and
(b) still be easy to code and maintain?
(c) Also, do you recommend any secondary editor(s) that I could use to first write the code in and then cut and paste the code into the ABAP editor?
It sounds like you are using the foreground ABAP editor. Have you tried the back end editor? There are third party editors available, with greater or less integration with SAP, but I find them not to be as useful as the ABAP editor. I tend to use the back end editor, and have never had problems such as you describe.

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