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Which course can help me transition from SAP CRM to SAP?

I have been working with SAP CRM as a CRM administrator for one and a half years. I have done three years of programming courses. I want to make my career in SAP, which course should I go for, ABAP or Functional module?
I wish there were an objective means to tell you that ABAP is better than the Functional module in SAP, or vice-versa. But you're going to have to consider which of those two modules interests you most, best fits your skills and current learning and so forth, and make this decision for yourself. Based purely on job opportunities, ABAP probably has something of an edge or advantage, but that may not be enough of an incentive to get you to abandon something that genuinely interests you. Thus, I provide this advice and throw your question back at you!

Good luck in your decision making.


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