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Which core modules are good for RFID

If you are interested in being an SAP RFID consultant, this response determines which core modules will likely involve RFID in the future.

Jon, I want to get into the SAP RFID area but I wonder if RFID alone may not be enough for a functional consultant. I believe it's better to choose a core module as well. I have experience in SD and APO, and would like to gain more experience and knowledge on one of these core modules while learning RFID. I understand that SD is more execution which might be more relate to RFID, but people say that SD is going to be replaced by CRM sooner or later. Is it still worth the time and money on learning SD when CRM is coming? My ultimate career goal is to become an SAP RFID consultant. I need your advice on which core module goes better with RFID -- SD,CRM or APO? Thanks in advance.
Great question on RFID. I'm sure a lot of SAP consultants are wondering how RFID is going to shake out. Certainly to this point the SAP RFID market has not lived up to expectations. You are thinking along the right lines: you always want to combine a core skill with an "emerging" SAP skill. One day, SAP RFID will be a hot area, but right now even "emerging" might be an exaggeration. So, your thinking is right on: which core area would best combine with RFID?

CRM I would eliminate. It's a good area, but doesn't tie directly into RFID functionality. APO is a bit closer, but the APO market is pretty slow right now and so APO doesn't make a good core skill. That leaves SD. I would say that SD/MM is a good combination with RFID. However, you may fare even better if you pursue RF, and perhaps Warehouse Management. WM is more of a niche area, but combined with RF and a bit of MM, that could be a great place to be to position yourself for RFID. The RF consultants I know are definitely in demand, and who knows, you might be able to find your way to an RF-to-RFID conversion project along the way.

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