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Which area of SAP should a Java expert enter?

Deciding which area of SAP should a Java expert should enter. ABAP is suggested.

What is the right field in SAP for me to enter? I've been working in Java/J2EE for 10 years. My title is Java Senior Consultant/Architect. I have experience in developing EjBs, JMS, JDBC, Web 2.0, OOPS, Javascript, Jsp, Ajax and more. Over the last few years, I acquired working experience in Web services, SOAP, XSD, Apache Synapse(ESB), Apache Axis2 and more. I have downloaded SAP Netweaver, trial version, and developed simple projects using Web Dynpro for Java, Web services, EJBs, servlets and Jsps, Java Dictionary and more. I'm more interested in learning about, and stepping into, SAP XI/PI. Some of my friends are suggesting that I go for SAP Portals. Please provide your advice and suggestions. (By the way, I have some knowledge on ABAP programming).
With your extensive experience, it would be the right time to change sides and learn ABAP. Download the ABAP trial and understand how it works there. Maybe start with some small examples and use Web Dynpro for ABAP. If you have difficulties, try Web Dynpro for Java (you downloaded it with the SAP Java Stack) first to be on familiar grounds and transfer your knowhow to ABAP. You can do the portal right now. It should not take you more than two days to understand. The real market for you is in PI instead; this requires training. If you need self-training access, you may use online access from michaelmanagement.com. Or in India you should keep an eye on the upcoming SOA/PI camps (see nleague.com).

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