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Which SAP interface has the better performance?

Which SAP interface has the better performance BAPI (synchronous) or IDOC/ALE (immediate processing)? When you send the same data, which interface will be faster?
IDocs are intermediate documents that are created and saved in the sender system. Then they are transported to the target system and stored there again in tables EDIDC/EDID4. From there a program reads the IDocs and processes them for the application.

A BAPI via RFC is called from the sender system directly with the data in its pouch. Hence you make a direct call to the transaction.

Normally the IDoc engine will call the same BAPI locally, so it is clear that storing the intermediate documents makes a small overhead. However performance is not really the issue. The additional steps are typically desired so you will write them yourself anyway.

IDocs allow you a protocolled way to transfer your data; you can trace errors in sending and receiving systems easily with WE05. BAPI requires you to write your own program that collects the data and protocols the errors.

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