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Where to look for information on SAP with AS400/DB2

Looking for information on SAP with AS400/DB2? OS/DB migrations expert Bert Vanstechelman advises a user who is new to AS/400.

I have a question about AS/400. I just started to work on the AS/400 and want to look at /usr/sap/sid/xxx/ and all the other /usr/sap/sid directories.

I also want to know how to do a kernel upgrade on the AS/400. I know at the Unix level you can sign on with SIDADM and you can run for ex: disp+work , tp , R3trans etc.

How do I do the same things on the AS/400? Any help would be appreciated.

There are not a lot of documents on SAP with AS400/DB2 out there. SAP has an administrators course, but it is organized on special requests and depends on whether or not there are enough participants.

Fortunately, IBM wrote an interesting handbook on SAP R/3 on OS400. It is old, but must of the topics are valid for most SAP releases. Implementing SAP R/3 on 0S400 can be downloaded at www.redbooks.ibm.com.

In addition, the standard SAP help has a nice administrators guide for SAP on OS400.

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