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Where to learn the basics of FI/CO

My company has just implemented SAP R/3 and I need to understand the concepts underlying FI and CO. More specifically, what gets passed from FI to CO and why.

I've seen books on the Web related to configuring FI and CO but suspect that they are well beyond my needs at this point.

Is there a reference you would recommend or some other source of information/training that could get me up to speed quickly? Is my best bet an SAP training course and, if so, which one?

Probably the best training method (at least in terms of retention)is to use SAP's drilldown capability to follow a transaction all the way through the system.

HINT: Always look for "Environment - Original Document" on FI screen menus, or "Environment - Document Flow" on CO screen menus. These will allow drilldowns to the very birth of the transaction you are reviewing.

For example, if you are looking at the details of the revenue account, double-clicking on an invoice will open up an FI screen, then "Environment - Original Document" will take you to the CO Billing Document, and from there "Environment - Document Flow" will show all the related CO documents (delivery, goods issue, sales order, sales quotation) that are associated with that invoice. The "Environment - Original Document" trick also works for payables invoices, and allows you to see the CO documents for goods receipts, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, etc. However, if you're using "Logistics Invoice Verification" for payables invoices, you'll quickly end up at the purchase order - from here use the "PO History" to see goods receipts, invoices, etc. For extra fun, look for the "Accounting Docs" button on the goods receipt screen and you'll see exactly what G/L accounts were hit when the receipt was done.

Keep hitting buttons until SAP tells you that's the end of the line. I think you'll be surprised at just how much information is at your fingertips once you know where to look!

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