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Where to find SAPGUI patch levels

How does one check the patch level on SAPGUI using a logon script, command prompt or even a Kix or VB script? I suppose the real question is where in a Windows 2000/XP registry is the key that displays the patch level number?
You will not find the release version in the Windows registry. However, there are other ways to find this out.

Example: You can use the FILEVER.exe Windows Resource Kit utility.

C:>filever "%ProgramFiles%SAPFrontEndSAPGuisapgui.exe" That will return the version of the executable.
See sample below:

--a-- W32i APP - 6400.2.0.8926 shp 90,112 05-27-2004 sapgui.exe If you need to only know what SAPGUI release they have (not down to the patch level) and if you have at least R/3 4.6C you can use SM04 and display the GUI column. That's very useful to determine who is in what version.
Example: 4.6D vs. 6.20.

And last but not least, SAP has a utility call SAPVER that can help you as well.

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