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Where to download Java packages

Wow, a real live BAPI expert! My group is a small part of was Compaq's huge PLM effort on SAP. Our focus is file...

storage/vaulting. We first will migrate data from active legacy db/systems and provide the same functionality. My goal is to write the migration tools and UI's capable of taking data from an intermediate form into out SAP system. BAPI/Java appears to be the tools of choice for me. I read the Java and BAPI book. It was very enlightening, but every link printed in the book is dead! Please tell me where I can go to download Java packages (RFC for starters). I have no list of what java/SAP packages DO exist, I hope and pray that a DMS package exist since our architect speaks mainly in terms of DMS. Also, this Automation suite that is supposed to be on saplabs sounds like something I could use, but no where to be found.

The book refers to an obsolete product, JRFC. Please use the SAP Java Connector (JCo) instead (download from

This was last published in October 2001

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