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Where do find the data I need for my report?

Hi, I am required to write a report that will display the cost of equipment of a certain equipment type. The cost required is from all the orders created for the equipment between the specified period. In IW33 you can obtain the costs from the (Actual/planned) button on the costs tab. You can also get the cost element and the cost element text from this screen. Now, my problem is that I don't know where to get that information from to write the report. The report in IW33 was done in report writer. Please help ASAP.

One of the many things you don't get taught on your ABAP courses, is how to find the data. The basic methods, applicable on most occassions, are:

F1 help on the field, and then to the technical information. Where this gives a structure rather than a table, look at the data element of the field, and see where that is used. Often the name of the structure can give hints to the name of the field.

Use SQL trace to see which tables were hit, and in which order. Use the Run Time Analyser for the same purpose.

Use Debug, with judicious use of watchpoints and breakpoints. (Once a report has run, use the debug menu to examine System Area ITAB - this will tell you the active internal tables, you can then run the report again, and set watchpoints on those internal tables.

Things are more complex with Report Writer reports, but the principals remain the same.

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