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Where can an MM consultant beef up on EBP/SRM knowledge?

I'm an MM consultant and I'm very interested in EBP. Would you recommand some books about EBP or send some material of it?

I'm an MM consultant and I'm very interested in EBP. Would you recommand some books about EBP or send some material of it?
If you already have an MM background, then EBP is a wonderful continuation to extend your skill-set. Unfortunately there aren't many books availible to read for EBP. Here would be my recommendation:
Logon to SAP Marketplace @ service.sap.com/SRM
There is a lot of presentations and documentation in this section of the service marketplace that could assist you in getting into SRM/EBP. Look for information about all the SRM components. I'd begin with the EBP (Operational Procurement) section and go forward, as that is the core engine for all other components.
Another place to begin is "help.sap.com" which contains help on the SAP & mySAP.com Business suite. There is some process information within the SRM section as well that might be of use.

SAP-Press published a book on "Practical Guide to SAP Workflow" - this book is primarily on workflow and I usually recommend it to professionals that are interested in webflow/workflow within mySAP.com. This book is also one of the first ones that contains some information on SRM & CRM. A section within this book walks through the approval procedures within EBP, which might be of some help. Check out your local tech bookstore for this book.

Then there is the SAP Instructor Led Training which although a costly option provides you the ability to complete a certification.
This was last published in July 2003

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