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Where can I obtain information regarding SAP SRM implementations?

A reader wonders about documents and general websites that contain information on SAP SRM.

Do you know where I can obtain general information about SAP SRM implementation? It would be nice if I could get my hands on some informative documents concerning configuration. I have SRM 210, but it just gives the business process overview and no real in-depth information.
I would recommend that you request for configuration documents on the SRM forum on sdn.sap.com. There is a lot of exchange on this forum and you will surely find some useful information.

Another resource is service.sap.com/srm where there is documentation on the different releases.

Additionally, I have authored a book which is due out shortly; it will offer a lot more on business process and in-depth knowledge on the various areas of SRM (Along with integration of modules such as Finance, HR, BW, Portals, etc.).

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