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Where can I get a big-picture overview of the SAP ecosystem?

Hi John,

I have a degree in computer science and have worked in areas of organization-wide knowledge management. I've used Web portals to support document management (no specific tools as such). Currently, I am involved in application support and working on asp,pl/SQL, Oracle, etc. I would like to make a career shift to SAP, but I don't know how and where I could move in.

Honestly the more I tried to get an overview on SAP, the more confused I end up. I'd appreciate your advice on this.

I would recommend that you read a couple of overview books of SAP to reduce your confusion. There are some good titles out there, like the SAP Blue Book (good SAP basics but a bit older) or SAP NetWeaver for Dummies (a newer title). Once the confusion goes down, your next tactic is to find a way to use your skills with a company that is running on SAP so you can start getting some exposure to that environment.

If your current employer is not running on SAP, and if you're serious about SAP, you'll need to find a similar position for a company using SAP technology. Once you achieve this, you can work your way into SAP-specific roles over time.

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