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Where can I find SAP FI/CO certification questions to prepare for the exam?

Learn the best sources for finding SAP FI/CO certification questions to help you prepare for this important exam.

Can you help me prepare for SAP FI certification? Where can I find some SAP FI resources or sample questions?

First, consider if SAP certification is right for you. Keep in mind that certification can help you find a position, but it won't guarantee that you will find an SAP job. While any sort of education is valuable, it's a good idea to view that investment more as a long-term career helper than a short-term fix. If you can't afford to take that chance and invest in certification, you might be better off pursuing non-SAP options or attempting to secure an SAP Finance job without paying for certification.

More resources for SAP FI certification 

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If you can’t afford certification, but are willing to put in significant time and effort to master FI/CO, you can do it affordably on your own. There are a number of high-quality SAP Financials books available and you can find a lot of helpful online resources. It takes much more self-discipline to read books on your own rather than pay for training, but it's much more cost effective.

There are also various options for SAP certification -- you can go through SAP to get certified by them directly, or take certification classes through an SAP partner. If you want to learn more about SAP’s official certification program, listen to this podcast from SearchSAP.com.

If you decide to get certified, there are many resources that can help you prepare for the test. Sites like SAPCertifications have test materials for all of the SAP certifications tests, prepared by SAP Certified Consultants by SAP AG. Note: This site may require membership and/or fees.

ITKE member Rechil has provided some recommendations on the discussion board for other members who are studying for SAP FI certification exam. He says TFIN 50 & TFIN 52 materials are the best documents to use for studying. These materials cover:

* Document Control
* Controlling Org Types and Master Data
* Schedule Manager
* Finance Master Data
* Payment Program, Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation
* Periodic Processing
* Planning
* Overhead Orders
* Profit Centre Accounting
* Solution Manager

You can also learn more about SAP careers and certification in SearchSAP.com’s certification training guide. This guide is designed for SAP professionals exploring various different modules, including SAP ERP, SAP HR, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP MDM or SAP FI/CO.

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