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Where are the ABAP developer jobs in western Europe?

How do I go about finding an ABAP developer job in western Europe? I've been an independent contractor for the past four years.
The home of SAP ABAP stuff is at SAPGenie.com and at SDN.SAP.com, as far as I can tell. You'd be smart to poke around there, drop in on forums and ask around to see if anybody knows of anything in those places. If you have contact with SAP offices in western Europe, it would also be smart to talk to people you know to see what kinds of opportunities they're hearing about.

Finally, you may be able to work with local (to the western European country or countries where you want to work) or European-focused job placement firms (I just Googled "European job search" as my search string, and turned up oodles of potential sources of help and information that way; you can do this, too).

HTH, and good luck with your job search efforts.

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