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When to use transactions SM66, SM50, SM51, STAD, ST05 and ST04

When should ABAP developers use transactions such as SM66, SM50, SM51, STAD, ST05 and ST04? Giovanni Davila weighs in.

Which are the implications to allow the ABAPers to use transactions such as SM66, SM50, SM51, STAD, ST05 and ST04?...

According to our BASIS team, this is not advisable, since it could allow to ABAPERS to cancel workprocess in the server, besides canceling user processes. What do you think about it?

This is one of those decisions management needs to make. Even if the ABAP developers had access to those transactions, you would most likely be able to find out what they did by reading the system log. In an ideal environment, ABAP developers should not have access to the Production system, only users, business analysts and administrators. ST04 is a Basis transaction. I would not give that one to them. I don't see the need. ST05 they might need in development and testing. SM66 and SM50/51 are also Basis transactions, but I've seen developers have access to them in development and test servers. STAD is usually just for Basis admins.

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