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When to specialize in Web Dynpro/ABAP

SAP expert Axel Angeli describes when in your SAP career you should specialize in Web Dynpro/ABAP.

I've been working in SAP front end technologies including ITS, BSP and now Web Dynpro Java. I have good experience in ABAP as well. I want to add some promising technologies to my expertise and have been considering MDM and Enterprise Services. Are these a good fit with my current work area or do you suggest something different? Also, between Web Dynpro Java and Web Dynpro ABAP, which one holds more promise?
Java is more and more getting to be the black sheep in programming, so my advice is to look for other areas. In your case, Web Dynpro/ABAP looks like the next career path. MDM is mainly for business consultants or C++ programmers; I don't see long-term demand for it when the hype is over. XI and xMII might be also of interest to you.

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