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When should we call by session, and when should we call by transaction?

What time is right for calling by session vs. transaction? Site expert Matt Billingham provides advice for developers.

When we should use call by session and call by transaction? What will happen when the error occurs during data transfer in both the methods? Is it necessary to do the conversion every time, transferring data from a non-legacy system to SAP? What does synchronous and asynchronous processing mean?
For your first two questions: If you call by session, then you can use SAP error handling, re-run the session, etc. If you call transaction, you have to write error handling yourself. Which one you use is up to you. For dataloads, I use sessions. For anything else, I use call transaction.

For your third question: It depends on how you set things up.

For your fourth question: Synchronous means that your program waits for the update to finish before proceeding. Asynchronous means it doesn't.

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