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When is the right time to upgrade to SAP SCM 7.0?

Expert Jawad Akhtar addresses the recent updates to SAP SCM 7.0 and how to approach an upgrade to the release.

I heard that SAP recently updated SAP SCM 7.0. If I am on SAP SCM 5.0, should I be considering an upgrade? Why or why not?

Although the SAP Business Suite is moving to run on SAP HANA, SAP recently extended the maintenance contract to 2020, which means that SAP will continue to support applications such as SAP SCM 7.0.

It is important to do your homework before you determine whether to upgrade from SAP SCM 5.0 to SCM 7.0. I recommend that you conduct a “gap analysis” to figure out which of the new features of SAP SCM 7.0 could be beneficial to your business processes.

To do this, conduct a series of focus group discussions to evaluate the functionality in SAP SCM 7.0. As part of this exercise, consider sending out surveys to the stakeholders. When the initial fact gathering is complete, evaluate the impact of implementing the new applications.

For the supply chain area, several components are new or updated in SAP SCM 7.0:

  • SAP Supply Network Collaboration
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP Transportation Management
  •  SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure
  • SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization
  • SAP Event Management
  • Business scenarios such as SAP Service Parts Planning and SAP Forecast and Replenishment

If you decide to upgrade from SAP SCM 5.0 to SAP SCM 7.0, run the /SAPAPO/OM_LC_UPGRADE_70 report and work through it carefully, completing the recommended actions for each step.

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