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What's the future of mySAP CRM?

I am not going to ask you specifically what SAP CRM can or cannot do. However, I would like to seek your opinion and advice as to how SAP CRM is going to look in the next couple of years. I have been out as a SAP FICO consultant for more than 6 years and I have participated in numerous SAP R/3 implementations through these years in the Asia-Pacific region - from a team member to project manager. I have a desire to get into doing SAP CRM and I am planning to take up some SAP CRM certification track that is available. Would this be a sound investment, given the fact that Siebel still reigns in the CRM arena? I would appreciate your comments.

According to media reports, SAP CRM has notched up to second position. SAP is trying hard to provide a world-class CRM Solution. Therefore, I believe SAP CRM is going to be there for years to come. The general trend I have observed is that SAP is trying to bring S of SD into CRM. In fact, it already did that with SAP CRM Release 3.0. Full cycle order fulfillment is supported in CRM. As an experienced FICO consultant, you can start learning the ropes of integrating mySAP CRM billing into FI. An electronic transaction is another area where you can leverage FICO experience.

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