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What's the forecast on PS consulting?

The state of PS consulting and SAP transitioning tactics.

I am an engineer with over 15 years of EPC project experience. Two years back I completed SAP certification in PS and switched my career. Now -- two years into consulting -- I discovered the demand for PS is not as high as was percieved by me then. So, if the demand is waning so fast, do I: stick with consulting, go back to domain or consider learning other modules to remain in the business? If you suggest modules which ones?
You are right, SAP PS has never taken off as a hot consulting area. I know some senior PS consultants who are doing very well, but they have seven years or more of PS experience. SAP has some very sophisticated and helpful functionality in the PS module, but it's not nearly as common as FI/CO or HR. As a result, the demand for consultants is less.

However, there is some good news. Most PS projects are heavily integrated with FI/CO. If I were you, I would try to master the integration points between PS and FI/CO. Over time, as you learn more and more about financials, you can become a bigtime SAP financials consultant. It's good to remember that the most effective career transitions in SAP are gradual; in exchange for using your current skills, companies give you access/training in new areas. So, if you can gradually move from PS to PS-FI to mostly FI/CO, then you will have moved into a higher demand area in SAP. Of course, even within financials, you will need some type of focus, but at least this gives you some idea of the kind of transition other PS consultants have made.

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