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What's the difference between mySAP and SAP R/3?

Learn about the differences between mySAP and SAP R/3 in this expert tip.

What is the difference between mySAP and SAP R/3?

- Are they different products?

- Do they come bundled together?

- Can they run on separate hardware?

- Is mySAP a Web application that serves webpages only? No Client software on users machine.

Although your question is not targeted towards procurement, here are a few comments.

mySAP is the new branding of solutions provided by SAP. I'd say the initiative launched probably sometime in Year 2000. But recently a number of organizations have licensed out either the complete mySAP.com suite of products or individual solutions from within this suite. The solutions that fall under this suite of products have to be licensed separately from your existing SAP R/3 solution. If you're unfamiliar with SAP R/3 -- R/3 has been implemented in a large majority of the fortune 100-500 organizations globally. It is an ERP solution that provides functionality for your Financials, Logistics, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Enterprise Reporting all providing a holistic view of your enterprise operations.

The mySAP.com suite contains solutions like: CRM, SRM, SCM (APO), BI, etc.

Yes, mySAP and R/3 are separate products that are provided by SAP.

Bundling together these solutions is basically a licensing issue. It depends on what your needs are and what type of a license you fall under.

Hardware is one piece and the underlying technology is another. As far as I know there are tons of options for the types of Hardware you can choose from to install either mySAP or SAP R/3 solutions. Probably the vast majority are either on some form of Microsoft or Unix.

The mySAP Solutions are pretty much all web based. i.e.. the end-user requires only an internet browser (e.g.. internet explorer) and nothing else to transact via the application. The underlying technology for most of the newer releases of the mySAP suite of products is NETWEAVER, which is powered by WebAS.

Hope this helps. Your question is pretty broad but I hope you get the jist from my little blurb.

Please see www.SAP.com for an in-depth description of the products. Also you can see various articles on www.SearchSAP.com.


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