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What's the best way to find a list of tables for CRM 4.0?

Learn how to find a list of tables for SAP CRM 4.0 and how to find where data is stored in the SAP system in this expert Q and A with Matt Billingham.

What's the best way to find a list of tables for CRM 4.0 Online Tables? I'm looking for a "cheatsheet" of tables. For example, TableXYZ is the Service Order Header Table.

I can debug code and potentially find them, but it takes forever and then the table I find might not even be the correct one. I'm also struggling to determine if there is a function module to return some of the data I am looking to use for a report versus select statements.

This is a common requirement in all SAP systems. There are many ways of finding where data is stored -- debug is one, Runtime Analysis and SQL Trace are others. Where the data is used on data elements and domains can be quite useful as well.

Once you've determined where the data you require is stored, then you can use "where used" on those tables to determine which, if any, function modules may be helpful.

I'm not aware of the availability of any cheat sheets for this information, although useful they would be. I'd expect when the product has matured somewhat, this information will become available somewhere on the Web.

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