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What's the best sequence for our ambitious implementation?

We are about to start implementation of the mySAP Business Suite with all of its elements -- mySAP ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, and SRM including all analytics -- and BW also. Do you have any suggestions about what sequence we should take? Or are there some musts that we should know about the implementation sequence before we start the project?
First, I must admit that you have embarked on an initiative that usually makes people break into beads of sweat. Obviously, you have done your homework well enough before considering this effort. The key element is to get the basics right, and by that I mean the key processes of procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, financial supply chain and reporting.

Here is brief implementation strategy that I would embark on:

1) Get core processes up and running: OTC, PTP, financial supply chain
2) Get basic reporting up and running: BW
3) Get incremental core R/3 functions: ATP, MRP, CO-PA
4) Get BW Analytics built on top of BW
5) SEM (planning functions)
6) APO, Supply-Chain, SRM, SRM

There is no preference for implementation of the technical components like portal, XI, etc., but I would usually do portal after step 3 above.

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