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What's the Java trend as many move to NetWeaver?

A jobseeker asks about the odds of getting into NetWeaver as a career without a lot of Java knowledge.

I have been working as a Basis consultant for the past six years. I have been mainly involved in installations and upgrades. Now I would like to concentrate on NetWeaver. I don't have strong ABAP knowledge and only know very little about Java. I would like your advice as to where I should concentrate before really getting into NetWeaver?
While SAP plans to support ABAP for a long time, my vote would be to focus some energy on developing your Java skills. Not only is Java a standard in the applications development world, but it will be a major tool in developing the add-on functionality that will help customers and ISVs build new, value-added functionality on top of the existing SAP applications base. In other words, Java is one of the keys to building innovation in the SAP customer base as it adopts NetWeaver, and you would do well to sign on to that trend.

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