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What's new in the SAP Talent Hybrid packaged integration?

SAP's Talent Hybrid packaged integration could make qualifications management a smoother process. Here's what you need to know.

For companies that use the Talent Hybrid model and seek better qualifications integration between SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors talent management, SAP's latest packaged integration should help.

The forthcoming packaged integration for the Talent Hybrid model provides qualifications integration between SAP ERP HCM and either the SuccessFactors HCM suite or the SuccessFactors Learning application. It is integration add-on 3.0, and the component is named SFIHCM03. The package provides two support scenarios, depending on whether you use the Competency Catalog in the SuccessFactors HCM suite or Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning for qualification management.

If you use the Competency Catalog, the packaged integration transfers changes to competencies in the SuccessFactors HCM suite to the Qualifications Catalog in SAP ERP HCM. Changes to employee competency assignments also transfer to the Qualifications Profile in SAP ERP HCM. The packaged integration provides a program that performs a one-time upload of the entire Qualifications Catalog from SAP ERP HCM to the SuccessFactors HCM suite.

If you use Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning, the support scenario is slightly different. The packaged integration transfers changes to Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning to the Qualifications Catalog in SAP ERP HCM and transfers any changes to employees' curricula assignments to the Qualifications Profile. However, unlike the Competency Catalog integration, there is no one-time upload available for transferring the Qualifications Catalog from SAP ERP HCM into SuccessFactors Learning.

The integration supports only the legacy Competency Catalog in SuccessFactors, not the new Metadata Framework, or MDF-based Competencies that are part of the Job Profile Builder capability. In addition, with this integration SuccessFactors becomes the system of record for qualifications and qualifications management. The integration supports either personnel administration, or PA, or personnel development, or PD, qualifications in SAP ERP HCM.

It's worth noting that this package is based on the SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) middleware, although integration content for SAP Process Integration, or SAP PI, is due for release at a later date. HCI acts as the hub from which the integration is triggered. This is a change in strategy from previous integrations, where Talent Hybrid integration has been triggered from the SAP ERP HCM system.

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