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What would happen to the future SAP careers and professionals if IBM bought SAP?

Word around the watercooler is that IBM will buy SAP. What would happen to SAP careers and professional consultants if it were to happen?

I've been reading a lot on the net about the possibility that IBM might buy SAP, do you think this is likely to happen and what would the implications be to SAP professionals?
I'm not going to comment in too much detail because this is hypothetical and I don't see it as too likely. I can see what IBM gets from this acquisition (big time ERP market play) but I'm not sure this move would help SAP much. I see SAP as having struck a pretty delicate balance between two major technology partners, IBM and Microsoft, and I'd be real surprised to see them move into one camp or the other. I think it benefits SAP (and its user base) to have two such partners in play. If on the off chance IBM were to acquire SAP, we can only speculate on the changes, but you can certainly imagine a heavy emphasis on running SAP with IBM's hardware, servers, databases, and messaging environments.

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