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What versions of SAP BW support Web services?

Learn what versions of SAP BW support Web services in this tip from BI and BW expert Jay Narayanan.

I am a Siebel Analytics consultant. My current client has to query certain shipment data elements from BW in order to complete access information in Siebel Analytics.

My question: Is there a BAPI we can use so that other business intelligence (BI) tools can query a repository or a multi-dimensional database? Siebel Analytics uses mainly ODBC 3.5 to communicate with its application server for reporting and its OLAP db of any other DB.

This depends on what version of SAP BW you are on. BW 3.5 onwards supports Web services and XML, which can be used by third-party tools. Prior to BW 3.5 the only options were BAPI and ODBO.
This was last published in February 2006

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