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What type of mySAP CRM tools will work for a shopping mall?

Learn how mySAP CRM's e-Marketing tool can work for a shopping mall scenario in this expert tip from Srini Katta.

We are entering into the shopping mall business. The mall would like to increase the foot fall, plan promotions, promote loyalty, etc. What type of mySAP CRM tools are available to improve business? We would appreciate specific examples.
The SAP CRM e-Marketing tool will enable a demographic-based target group creation and will target specific income groups, or age groups of customers/prospects. MySAP CRM has powerful e-mail marketing tools as well. You can learn how many e-mails are opened by the targeted customers/prospects. You can also send repeat e-mails if the first sent e-mail is discarded by the customer/prospect.

The mySAP CRM system also supports coupons and promotions to increase the footfall, promotions and promotion royalty. You can also use telemarketing to target new prospects or existing customers. I recommend considering SAP CRM for the retail industry which has tools to meet your needs.

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