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What to learn in SAP to become a financial analyst

Looking to find out what areas of SAP are most important to a financial analyst? Joshua Greenbaum, executive advice guru, advises a student who is looking to enter the jobn market.

I am a graduate student currently pursuing a masters in finance. I will be graduating at the end of this quarter. Based on my research, I see that financial professionals require knowledge of SAP or PeopleSoft at the entry level. I don't have any IT knowledge -- except for Microsoft Word and Excel usage.

Could you let me know what areas of SAP one needs to cover as a financial analyst? I am not interested in areas...

like inventory, human resources etc. I want to be a hardcore financial analyst. Would it be sufficient to learn SAP Financials?

You have my permission to focus your efforts only on SAP Financials, provided you also familiarize yourself with the financial analysis functionality available in SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Analytics. That should be more than enough to keep you busy for some time. And stay away from PeopleSoft -- that product line has become a dead end.

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