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What technical areas will be most in demand for 2003?

What technical areas will be most in demand for 2003?

I recently wrote a feature about the SAP skills I foresee in demand on the mySAPcareers.com web site. However, the skills I listed were both functional and technical. On the technical side, I expect that by the third quarter, 4.7 installation skills will be in some demand. On the Basis side, therefore, 4.7 installation skills will be a great addition to the skill set. Any Web Application Server/NetWeaver exposure would also be ideal, though I'm not sure these skills will be in heavy demand until 2004. On the ABAP side, I would say that right now, 4.6C upgrades/customizations should be in demand in various niche areas. And of course there's the EAI piece, integrating SAP systems with other third party applications (Basis folks can get it on some of this EAI work too.) On the programming side, in the long term, I still like the move towards Java and SAP Web development, but those skills haven't been in as much demand lately, as companies are stalling out on the kinds of projects that would fuel that need. Demand is a tricky thing - the skills you need to land a job right now might not be the skills you'll want to emerge with at the end of the year. A balance between "fail-safe," recession-proof skills and "forward thinking" skills is in order.

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Is the ABAP market ripe for consultants? I have been a Basis administrator for eight and a half years in a non-consulting position at a very large organization now running R/3 4.7, BW 3.5 on Oracle 9i. Noticing that no one was filling the need for performance tuning, I took this task upon myself about six years ago. I was a DBA prior to this job, so I knew a fair bit about SQL tuning. As my knowledge has grown quite a bit, I have come to recently realize (to my astonishment) that I know much more about R/3 and BW tuning than any SAP or independent consultant we have hired and far more than anyone working in my organization. If our organization is typical (ABAP and query developers cranking out huge amounts of poorly designed code with neither a care of how bad it is, nor the ability to correct it), I presume that there may be a very lucrative market for someone with my skills. Is this the case? How should I proceed, if I wished to pursue an independent consulting career in this niche?

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