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What steps need to be taken to add an InfoObject into an InfoCube?

Learn the step-by-step methodology for adding an InfoObject into an InfoCube through Business Content with SAP BW in this expert advice.

What steps need to be taken to add an InfoObject into an InfoCube activated through Business Contents? What steps are to be taken to get this InfoObject from the R/3 system?
Three different types of InfoObjects can be added to the InfoCubes: characteristics, key figures and time characteristics. Standard InfoCubes in Business Content can be changed to add any of these characteristics or key figures, depending on the reporting requirements.

After you add a characteristic it needs to be assigned to a dimension. Mapping from source system fields is done...

with the help of datasources, InfoSources, transfer rules and update rules. These are just some of the basics of BW, so you may want to refer to books or official documentation for more details.

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