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What opportunities are there for new MM consultants?

What opportunities are there for a US-based MM consultant with limited experience?

Month ago, I completed the SAP materials management (MM) training here in Detroit. I'm now seriously looking for opportunities and I'm willing to do the travel and consulting. Please shine some light on the market needs for SAP MM professionals. What are their expectations?
I like the market for MM consultants the next couple of years as we go through this upgrade wave to ERP 6.0. Not all SAP customers run on MM functionality but most SAP customers who are using some type of manufacturing process do have some MM work going.

In terms of what is expected of an MM consultant, you always start by mastering the core configuration of the module you are focusing on. Then, you look to broaden that focus by mastering the integration points between your area of SAP and others. There are several "flavors" of MM consultants that I think are particularly marketable right now. One is the Logistics consultant (SD/MM/PP), who really understands the logistics execution, distribution, and transportation processes within SAP. Another focus I like is MM/IM/WM - understanding the integration points between MM and the warehouse and inventory management areas.

A third combination I like is MM with some SRM and e-procurement, expanding the core MM skills with expertise in the SRM "Business Suite" application. I like this focus because it allows you to have a handle on a core area of SAP and also understand how it relates to some of the cutting edge processes that are housed in the Supplier Relationship Management add-on. The one MM focus I'm not are crazy about is MM/PP - only because PP is just not as prevalent an area for SAP customers right now. Some SAP customers are heavily invested in PP but many are not. So, those are some skills combinations that I think would serve you well and broaden your marketability as an MM consultant.

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