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What module in SAP is best for me to undertake?

What module in SAP is best for me to undertake?

What module in SAP is best for me to undertake?
This question has a couple of different responses. Check out the links below to determine which response is best for your situation.

"Your degree would imply a career in SD and CRM, but your experience and interest lies in the logistics side of SAP. There are a number of modules and areas that play to your strengths. For example, perhaps the emerging SAP RFID area would be a hot field for you to pursue. However, since you are recently out of school, I think you need to be open to the best opportunities that come your way - even if they involve skills you weren't expecting to use..."
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"I'm not sure why you're looking for a career change, but I'm assuming that it's because you've been having difficulty finding work using your core ABAP skills. I think it's good that you're looking into the "next generation" SAP technologies like NetWeaver, and it's something I think all ABAP programmers should do. However, I view that less as a dramatic career change and more as a skills enhancement. You would still be an SAP developer, but you'd have some additional cutting edge skills that a lot of folks don't yet have..."
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