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What level should I be at to look for job in SAP?

I completed my masters in Internet and database systems, and I am looking to start my career in SAP with BW. Will this work, even though I don't have any knowledge of SAP? How much knowledge should I have in order to look for job in this field?
If you read through the archives, you'll see that I have written extensively on the importance of experience over classroom knowledge for breaking into SAP. I also point out that to break into a field as competitive as SAP, you need to carefully "map" your existing skills into a particular area of SAP. I can't say for sure that BW is appropriate for you because I don't know a lot about your background.

What I can say is that BW is a good area of SAP because it is a good growth area that involves a range of technical and functional skills, including database-related skills. You might want to keep your mind open to other areas of SAP also, since your key approach in the early going is to "go where the opportunities are."

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