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What is your take on the future of mySAP CRM?

Advice on the future of mySAP CRM from CRM expert Srini Katta. Hear thoughts on the modules: marketing, sales, service, channel management, e-commerce, interaction centre, field applications, CRM industry-specific and what to expect from mySAP CRM.

I am an SAP SD consultant with more than two years of experience. I have also had some exposure to mySAP CRM, as I underwent some short-term training from my company on the same.

As far as I can gather, the future of mySAP CRM is still looked at tentatively. I'd like your opinion on whether mySAP CRM will pick up in the market or not. If it does, what do you think will be most widely used module? Will it be marketing, sales, service, channel management, e-commerce, interaction centre, field applications or CRM industry-specific?

Also, what are your views about the SAP CS (customer service) module?

MySAP CRM is an awakening giant, especially with the coming release of CRM 5.0. There is no such module preference in mySAP CRM -- it mostly depends on the industry and business scenario.

For instance, the service module is more widely implemented in the high tech industry. SAP customer service has robust features when it comes to maintaining the installed base, when compared to SAP CRM 4.0 service. But I am sure SAP CRM 5.0 will be as robust as SAP R/3 service for installed base management.

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