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What is the use of implementing SEM-BPS?

Our users are telling us the BPS module is not useful to them. XL can do things very easily without much hassle. What is the use of implementing SEM-BPS?
Most of the companies are using spread sheet-based planning tools, which are not integrated with their execution system. Drawbacks on this kind of systems are:
  • Data integration problems
  • Data protection and version control is problematic in this type of system
  • Control of process flow (no workflow type of mechanism to control flow)
  • Security problems
On the other hand, SEM-BPS is a collaborative planning tool that is fully integrated with other SAP products (like R/3, BW, CRM...) and enables effective and faster planning cycles to companies. In BPS there are built in planning functions and a planning application, which enables you to exploit the benefits of BPS quickly.

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