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What is the run time difference of query vs. ABAP?

There can be a significant time difference between queries and ABAP reports. Why is this, and what are the benefits of these methods?

I created a query using a logical database BRM to extract financial data using tables BKPF and BSEG. I am running for period 1 with company code. The query ran an hour to extract data for period 1. I used same logical database BRM to create a simple ABAP report. But the ABAP program is taking one full day to get period 1 data.

What is the run time difference of query versus ABAP? I've used all performance tricks in the ABAP program.

ABAP queries generate ABAP code. Have a look at the program behind the query you have written, and you'll see the techniques in use.
This was last published in June 2005

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