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What is the procedure for extracting data from CRM to a flat file?

Expert Srinivasa Katta shares the benefits of using the legacy systems migration workbench for transferring flat files.

What is the procedure for extracting data from CRM to a flat file?
It is difficult give a straight answers without having details about the data volume and data type (master data and transactional data).
  1. You can use LSMW (Legacy Systems Migration Workbench) for transferring data from a flat file into SAP CRM systems.
  2. You can load the data from legacy flat files into staging tables in SAP CRM for further data cleansing and implementing data integrity rules. Staging tables are temporary Ztables created in the SAP CRM system to work as a short-term data repository.
  3. The data from staging tables can be loaded into SAP CRM data dictionary tables using SAP provided BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface).

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