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What is the future outlook for SAP Basis consultants?

Describes the future outlook for Basis consultants. Read advice from SAP career guru Jon Reed.

I am a young graduate with three years of business analysis experience. My company has an open window for me to move into the SAP Basis team. Would I be better off moving into this role as my long term career goal? I have no prior SAP experience and don't have much technical background. Would an SAP functional role more suitable for me? What is the future outlook for SAP Basis consultants?
If your company wants to give you some skills exposure, I'd be tempted to take them up on it. I realize it's a switch from business analysis, but as long as you are interested in technical work, this could be a nice move for you. True, given your background, you'd be better suited for an SAP functional role, but as I'm fond of saying, "go where the opportunities are." This applies especially to recent graduates who need to seize the chances they get for skills exposure. As for your question about the future of Basis, well, you'll need to move on from Basis to NetWeaver down the road, but Basis is one of the "least proprietary" SAP skills because you get some exposure to overall technical systems management. Unless your company is also offering you a quality functional role to choose from, I'd strongly consider this opportunity.

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