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What is the difference between replication and realignment?

CRM expert Srini Katta describes the difference between replication and realignment in mySAP CRM in this expert tip.

What is the difference between replication and realignment in mySAP CRM?
Replication is a process of synchronizing data between two systems. Examples of these systems are SAP R/3 to mySAP CRM and mySAP CRM to mobile client. The two types of replication are bulk replication and intelligent replication. Message Bdocs use bulk replication (example: R/3 to mySAP CRM) and synchronization Bdocs use intelligent replication (example: mySAP CRM to mobile client).

Meanwhile, realignment is a redistribution of data between mySAP CRM and mobile clients based on subscriptions. This is to ensure the distributed databases (mobile client databases) remain consistent with the consolidated database (CDB).

Minor realignment is triggered by data changes (example: change of a field value). Major realignment is triggered when changes are made to mobile client subscriptions. In this case creation or deletion of BDoc messages will be replicated to the mobile client based on the subscription changes.

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