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What is the difference between mySAP and SAP R/3?

Expert Josh Greenbaum explains the difference between mySAP and SAP R/3.

Is mySAP an upgraded version of SAP or otherwise different from SAP? If it's not different, does that mean it has all the same modules as SAP has, plus more modules if it is an upgraded version? And are SAP and SAP R/3 two distinct products?
MySAP is considered an upgraded version of the old R/3 software; the best indication of its status as an upgrade is that it comes for free with a standard maintenance contract. But as an upgrade, it's a pretty significant one. It has a new platform (NetWeaver) as well as new interface technology, new analytics, and lots of new functionality.

So don't think of it as a point release; fully implementing mySAP can also mean implementing software to cover functions that were never part of R/3 in the first place.

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