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What is so great about SAP BW?

Expert Jay Narayanan explains some of the positive aspects of SAP BW.

I have been looking for a comparison between SAP BW and Business Objects. I have a general idea (performance, integration, etc.) and I know that they can work together, but I am looking to find some more positives for the BW side from someone with experience -- do you have any?
For an organization which has implemented the SAP ERP system, implementing BW is a no-brainer. This is because BW is tightly integrated with the ERP system and the front end tool BEx is so versatile. In BW 3.5, BEx and web reporting tools can take care of 80% to 90% of reporting done using Business Objects. In BI (a component of Netweaver 2004s) additional tools like Report Designer can be used to overcome a few limitations in the previous versions.

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