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What is included in the installation scenario with SEM as a standalone over R/3?

In the documentation provided at the SAP service marketplace, there is an installation scenario with SEM as a standalone over R/3. Does this standalone configuration include all the functionality of SEM (BCS,BPS,CPM etc.) or just certain modules like SEM-BCS?

The literature is not clear about this. So for e.g., if I wanted to implement SEM 3.1B, without any BW, over an R/3 4.5/6, will the SEM software instances have all the functionality?

This standalone installation is applicable only for SEM BCS (R/3 based consolidation) component. You will not be able to use the other components (BPS, CPM, and BIC) with standalone installation, in order to use these components you have to install SAP BW. Except R/3 based BCS, all other SEM components are working on BW and installed as add-ons on top of BW.

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