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What is SAPscript 'RV_CONNOTE_SUPPL'?

What is SAPscript 'RV_CONNOTE_SUPPL'? Do you have detailed information about this?

What is SAPscript 'RV_CONNOTE_SUPPL'? Do you have detailed information about this?
I don't know either. Let's sleuth this one together, ok? This is what I generally do when encountering a form with which I'm not familiar, yet may be a fit for what I need:

We can start by clicking on 'Goto->Form Documentation' from within the form. Sometimes we are rewarded with pages of useful info when selecting this. This time, we get nothing.

So I guess we'll need to instead start with the form's Administrative Data. First, notice the form description: "EDI-GR/IssueSlip VDA4912 Trsp." Based on that we can assume this is a goods receipt/issue slip dealing with transportation.

Now what about that 'VDA4912'? Well, the EDI prefix means it likely is an EDI standard. Via some simple 'Google-fu' we learn that VDA stands for 'Verband der Automobilindustrie', the German Automotive Association. We also learn that VDA-4912 means "Way-bill (form regulation)."

The Classification field is blank, so that won't help us further.

The Package field contains 'VLD' with long text: 'WS-SHP: Print, SAPscript'. Now we can go to transaction SE80 in another session and plug in this Package name to see the other development objects under the same package/umbrella. That should provide even more evidence.

Another place we can look is at the actual form contents via 'Utilities->Form Info'. Are there any revealing comments here? Nope. But what about the text labels, print structures and fields inside - Do they look familiar? Are they relevant?

I haven't even mentioned the SAP Service Marketplace, but that is probably overkill in this case.

After all, by now, there should be a clear indication whether or not this form will be a good starting point for a custom development. More importantly, if there is indeed a fit, we have some clues as to how to go about it.

Incidentally, if this form does seem to be a fit, it may be wise to take a step back at this point and check whether a similar template is available as a Smart Form or an Adobe form, in the event your current SAP release level would support development via either of these newer form tools. I'm not sure about the latter, but for Smart Forms, the answer appears to be yes, as part of SAP Best Practices Automotive.

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